Two-wheelers out, Space under Nitin flyover Turned into Recreation Zone


9th Oct 2017

THANE: From a neglected, poorly lit place that was occupied by garbage cans and two-wheelers, the space below Cadbury-Nitin Company flyover has undergone a complete transformation. The area has been used as a recreational spot for Thaneites.

With a dedicated walkway, garden, children play area, open gym and public toilets, residents from the lake city now have another place to unwind and relax.

At night, the place comes to life with dazzling lights. In a space-crunched city like Thane, the municipal corporation has made optimum use of the vacant space under the flyover.

Speaking about the beautification project, city engineer from the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) Anil Patil said, “The land was previously owned by the MMRDA and it was being used as a parking lot. Then we noticed that a lot of illegal activities were taking place there. So, municipal commissioner Sanjeev Jaiswal proposed that the area be made available for public use, where people could enjoy open, green space. The MMRDA subsequently handed over the land to the TMC. The project has been partly funded by the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives of private enterprises. They had sponsored Rs 25 lakh for the equipments and other accessories.”

Even though the place was thrown open to the public almost a year ago, no one used to use it as it was not lit up. However, now with the lights up the area has been gaining popularity. Young couples, children and senior citizens in the nearby area.

Pravin Koli, a resident of Ramchandra Nagar 2, said, “My wife and I often come here to unwind. On weekends, we take a stroll down this properly paved pathway. As there are security guards deplyed, we feel safe to roam in the night.”

Ganpat Desai (65), too, takes his grandson to the kids play area that has been installed here. “It is a good place for my 3-year-old grandson to play. While he plays, I chit chat with a couple of senior citizens who visit the place at that time.”

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Top 5 Highest Paying Careers in Hospitality


09 October 2017

The hospitality sector is huge, both, in terms of size and revenue. Its fields of service includes food and beverage, lodging, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line and additional fields within the tourism industry.The hospitality industry generates lakhs of employment every year. There are many colleges and institutes that offer part-time and full-time courses on various hospitality courses like event planning, hotel management etc. On completion of these courses, students get hired by hospitality companies for various roles.

The hospitality industry hugely values customer satisfaction. So, if you are into the hospitality industry, you need to take utmost care of your customers and make sure that the service provided by you is excellent. If you want to be a part of the hospitality business, you can consider these 5 highest paying careers in it:

1. Event Manager

You’ll be in charge of heading and managing various events and parties depending on the type of clients you handle. Event managers, as the name suggests, must be able to handle multiple teams and coordinate with them throughout the event, right from its planning to its successful execution.

2. Sommelier

A sommelier is a wine expert, usually working on fine dine restaurants and bars. A sommelier specializes in all aspects of wine service as well as wine and food pairing. They usually work with  the culinary team and have a responsibility of working within the taste preference and budget of the customer. In today’s times, a sommelier’s role is not only limited to wines but they also focus on beers, spirits, soft-drinks, and cocktails.

3. Chef

For people with a passion to cook, a chef’s job is the best you can ask for. There are various levels in a chef’s job, such as the sous chef, who acts as the second-in-command in a kitchen, or the chef de partie, who handles a specific area of production. Chefs can specialize in various cuisines and they are always in demand as more and morel restaurants open up everyday.

4. Casino Manager

The duties of a casino manager include organizing and directing all the gaming operations in a casino. As a casino manager, you’ll have to monitor slot machines and gaming tables for profits and losses, ensuring that gaming rules are followed and also need to monitor compliance with regulatory requirements along with overseeing security services too.

5. Corporate Travel Manager

A corporate travel manger is responsible to develop strategic policies and programs for corporate travel, handle and oversee all travel arrangements and operations. He also needs to manage relationships with travel agencies and vendors, negotiate contracts or rates with travel service providers, process T&E reports and handle reimbursements and ensure compliance in all aspects of travel procedures.

If you think you are fit for the hospitality business and have the potential to make customers happy with your service, enroll in a hospitality management course today and become industry-ready.

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Trans-Harbour rly Commuters Ffume Over Revised Timetable


9th Oct 2017

THANE: Commuters travelling on the Trans-Harbour route are upset with the recent revision in the timetable which, they claim, focuses more on Panvel route, leaving commuters travelling on the Sanpada-Vashi sector with less services.

Those travelling between Thane and Vashi said that the announcement of new services on this route has not made any difference to them as the railways have started back to back services towards Belapur, Panvel, leaving a huge time gap for Vashi trains. Passengers are now demanding that the railways schedule alternate services to Panvel and Vashi at least during the peak hours. This will cause less inconvenience to commuters.

A glance at the revised timetable shows that during the peak hours the frequency of Thane-Nerul trains are more but there is a gap of 20 to 25 minutes for Vashi services.

The Trans-Harbour services between Thane and Nerul, Panvel or Vashi operate at an interval of five to 10 minutes.

“There was a 9:37am train earlier which has now been changed to 9:53am. Some commuters who travel from Kalyan and Dombivli already have less frequency of trains at that time. With the revised timing, it will make life difficult for them. As per the revised timetable, the wait time for a Thane-Vashi train has increased by over 15 minutes as more trains have been introduced on the Panvel sector,” complained Meghana Nabar, a regular commuter from Thane.

Meanwhile, the Railways have justified their move saying that they have been checking the trend of services at high density stations. “The revisions has been made based on the number of ticket and season pass sales at a particular station. There is high demand towards Nerul and Panvel during peak hours so we have to operate more trains,” said a railway official from Thane.

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City Vendors see Lack of Spark in Sale of Firecrackers


9th Oct 2017

THANE: The Diwali festival is just around the corner and shops across the city have already started selling diyas, lanterns and rangoli. However, the sale of firecrackers in the city has gone down this season. One of the reasons for this drop could be the awareness drives being carried out by NGOs and the media regarding the ill-effects of crackers.

Adults as well as children have refrained from buying fireworks as it leads to noise and air pollution.

“We were not in favour of bursting crackers during Diwali. But our 12-year-old son used to insist on buying at least a few so that he could play with his friends. However, he recently started helping out at an animal NGO and realised how the noise affects animals. So this year, he refused to buy any crackers and even convinced his friends to refrain from doing so. He has restricted the fireworks shopping to sparklers,” said Ashwini Pathak, a Vrindavan resident.

Vendors have complained that the sale of fireworks hasn’t picked up yet. “The sale of crackers has dropped. We can’t understand whether it is because less people are using them or because more stalls are yet to be set up. Whatever the reason, we hope the sales pick up or a lot of our stock will gather dust,” said Sanjay Ahuja, a vendor from Kopri.

Meanwhile, many housing societies here are spreading this awareness through notices as well as on WhatsApp groups to ensure that this Diwali is celebrated in a eco-friendly way.

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Kendriya Vidyalaya Assures Anxious Parents of Timely Portion Completion


8th Oct 2017

THANE: In an attempt to reassure anxious parents of students from the Kendriya Vidyalaya school about the timely completion of curriculum, the school’s authorities have put up a notice on their website declaring that completion of curriculum is their top priority.

More than 1,400 students from the Kolshet-based school are way behind their academic schedule after the school building was declared unsafe for occupation by the Military Engineering Services (MES) earlier this year forcing authorities to stop classes since late August.

The sudden mid-term closure of the school move had triggered anxiety as there was no announcement on relocation or reopening of the classes.

As the parents of school students came together and pressurised the school to start hunting for new premises within the city whilst making temporary arrangements for students, the school authorities resumed classes for the students of all the grades through the past month at the Air Force School and Naval building within the air force station as well as a few classrooms in the KV premises.

However, while the classes of all the students have been taken up in batches, parents have been worried about completion of their curriculum.

“While we are relieved that the school has found temporary classrooms, our children are in school for hardly three to four hours, when the school is supposed to be running for at least five-and-half hours by law. The numbers of classes are divided through the year in a way that give the children enough time to understand and absorb information taught to them in school. Hurrying up will affect their learning,” said Tarun Kumar Sinha, a parent of a class IX student.

The school authorities have also clarified that the school’s periodical test exams are postponed and not cancelled and that the curriculum will be completed in time for it.

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Maniac about your Mobile?


7th October 2017

Do you panic or get irritated when your phone’s battery is dying or you’re having network issues?

Well, chances are that you are suffering from smartphone separation anxiety. A big drawback of this is that most of us are either unaware that we have it, or worse, are unwilling to accept it.

What research says

Researchers have deemed that smartphone separation anxiety is set to become an increasingly widespread problem. Also known as nomophobia, the term describes the feeling of panic or stress some folks experience when they’re unable to access or use their mobile phone. But according to new research, it has little to do with being unable to make or receive phone calls.Scientists from the City University of Hong Kong and the Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, South Korea, say the reason is that smartphones are so advanced and personal to us that they’ve actually become an extension of ourselves. Besides storing meaningful photos and messages, mobiles act as a window to a wide range of apps, websites and services that let people quickly access content that’s important to them.

The research said, “As smartphones evoke more personal memories, users extend more of their identity onto their smartphones,” adding, “When users perceive smartphones as their extended selves, they are more likely to become attached to the devices, which, in turn, leads to nomophobia by heightening the phone proximity-seeking tendency.” Though the scientists used a small sample group of 300 students in South Korea for their study, and admitted that it might not be wholly representative of all smartphone users, they believe smartphone separation anxiety will become a much bigger issue for people in the future, as technology becomes even more personalised and our dependency increases on it. The researchers added, “Recent smartphone and app development seems to inevitably increase users’ attachment, as the technology and related services become increasingly personalised and customisable.”

Expert speak

Do our experts agree with the study? “Have you met anyone who doesn’t have a smartphone?” asks Mansi Hasan, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, tobacco treatment specialist, adding that smartphones have become one of the biggest addictions of our generation. She agrees with the study and that smartphones are not just phones but an extension of the owner’s identity.

Young and old addicted to smartphones.“People are reluctant to admit that they are addicted to their smartphones and usually these problems are not the primary concerns they come in with for help. The most common ages that people are usually brought in by their parents is 10-year-olds to young adults,” informs psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Dr Anjali Chhabria, adding that there have been a few cases of people aged 45 and above also are addicted to their smartphones.

One in four people Hasan meets

displays a smartphone dependence, which may or may not result in smartphone separation anxiety. So, the dependence numbers are high. But, one in 20 people definitely shows trends of smartphone separation anxiety, varying from mild to severe. “The most common age group that is affected is teenagers followed by the age group of 22-35 and then those between the ages of 40-55 years. People above the age of 45 also show addiction symptoms because smartphones have become the best source of distraction from stress, and the easiest way to connect with others,” she says.

Causes of Smartphone Addiction

Smartphones have become so important that we are unable to function without them. Our contacts, mails, communication, entertainment, socialising, sharing, getting information, work, personal life, social life is all dependent on one gadget. Of course, one may panic if one fine day this gadget crashes as if our entire life depends on it! The cause of anxiety is the high dependence and addiction it causes, explains Hasan.

Coping with it

Dr Chhabria says that it’s essential to understand that the smartphone is just another gadget used by us when needed. Phones are replacing real-time conversations, thus, wherever one finds that using phones can be avoided, do so. Keeping yourself busy with activities that don’t require the phone also helps in realising that life without the phone is possible.

Symptoms that your are ADDICTED to your Smartphone!

  • Fear and anxiety of losing the phone
  • Checking and rechecking the phone
  • Feelings of panic (heart racing, sweating, palpitation) when the phone is inaccessible
  • Carrying extra chargers, power banks to ensure the phone is charged at all times. Even carrying multiple phones
  • Irritability and anger in the absence of the phone, even if it may be for a short interval
  • Excessive use of the phone, which leads to reduced efficiency, relationship conflicts and cognitive malfunctioning


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Want to look your best this Diwali? Avoid these common beauty blunders


7 Oct 2017

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This Diwali Avoid these common beauty blunders

Beauty blunders, especially during the party-heavy festive season, are bound to happen. Misconceptions about skin care and make-up often lead to some commonly-made mistakes.

But to ensure glowing skin, here are a few points to be kept in mind:

Forgetting to remove make-up at night:

If you’re guilty of this habit, you’re not the only one. But that doesn’t make it alright for you to do it. Going to bed with make-up on will make you wake up with dull skin and eruptions. Make-up blocks the pores, along with the skin’s natural oil.

It often also contains ingredients that are potential skin irritants.

Also, the repair and restoration work of the skin occurs while we sleep at night, so it is important to keep the pores free and the skin clean.

Going to bed with a clean skin is a prime requisite for glowing skin.

Washing your face too often:

Yes, while you might think that this will keep your face clean and remove excess oil, but the fact is that too much soap and water destroys the natural acid mantle.

Healthy skin is slightly more acid than alkaline. Soaps make the skin too alkaline and this actually predisposes it to bacterial attack, leading to skin problems like acne. It also removes the natural glow.

Exfoliation… much is too much?:

Exfoliation of the skin with facial scrubs is very much a part of skin care. Scrubs contain grainy substances and ingredients that soften and remove dead skin cells. This brightens the skin and adds a glow. This is ideally suited to oily skin, as it also helps to dislodge and discourage blackheads. But, over-exfoliation of the skin can make the skin dry and rough, robbing it of its natural glow.

Exfoliate the skin once a week. For very oily skin, twice a week will do.

Facials for oily skin

It’s a known fact that facial massages and moisturisers for oily skin are a no-no, but most people tend to disregard this. Massaging an oily skin with cream can lead to pore-clogging and acne. A salon facial treatment for oily skin should comprise of cleansing, exfoliation, toning, mask and protection. Oily skins do need intense moisturising during the dry winter season, but only light liquid moisturisers, or a matte moisturiser should be used.

Using a foundation lighter than your skin tone:

Using a foundation that is much lighter than your normal skin tone makes it look like a mask. The aim is to achieve a natural look, while covering up dark spots and blemishes.

First use a light coloured foundation on areas with dark blemishes. Pat it on the skin. Do not rub it into the skin. Then use a foundation which is closest to your normal skin colour all over the face, blending with a damp sponge.

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Important legal documents that home buyers should be aware of before buying a property


6 October 2017

Buying real estate property can be an expensive affair and it is next to impossible to buy a house without financial assistance. It is therefore necessary to take precautions and ensure that the hard earned money invested into such property is not only safe but secured to the fullest extent. This highlights the need for a proper due diligence. Also, a purchaser needs to be aware of the following the basic legal documents before purchasing an immovable property:

1) Original Title Documents

The title documents means the flow of title devolution from one owner to another and culminating with the current owner/ seller who is selling the property. In case the original title documents are not with the seller, then there are chances that the title documents are deposited with the banks/ financial institution for the purpose of creation of mortgage and the same also needs to be verified by the purchaser.

2) Search Report

The title search report is usually issued by the search clerk after conducting searches in the offices of the concerned sub-registrar of assurances, to verify the entries on record in relation to the subject property, and by virtue of that, one can trace of the flow/ devolution of title as mentioned aforesaid. Additionally, the search clerk also reports, as to whether there is any Lis Pendens (pending litigation) notice registered with the office of concerned sub-registrar of assurances.

3) Title Certificate

Title Certificate is issued by an Advocate based on the Title Search Report and the title documents verified by the Advocate in respect of the subject property. The Advocate should ideally also search in the concerned Courts as to whether any litigation is pending in relation to the subject property. Such a certificate should also cover the claims, if any received, in response to the public notice issued in the local newspapers, to be published, one in English and other in the Regional language.

4) No Due Certificate

No Due Certificate is issued by banks/ financial institution after repayment of the loan and clearance of charge/ mortgage by the banks/ financial institution, so as to rule out any claims by the Banks and to assure that the subject property is free from encumbrance.

5) Sanctioned Layout Plans

It means the layout plans of the structure, which has been duly sanctioned/ approved by the concerned competent authority including the municipal corporation. In case the subject structure is not in terms of the sanctioned layout plans, then it is not advisable to purchase such property, since it is a clear indication of violation of the sanctioned layout plans and applicable laws.

6) Occupation Certificate

The occupation certificate is issued by the corporation, certifying that the subject property/ structures constructed upto relevant floors of the building, can be occupied by the purchaser. This indicates that the developer/ erstwhile owner/ seller has constructed the structure in terms of the sanctioned layout plans and has also complied with various other building norms and obligations.

7) Bills and Receipts

Latest Property Tax bills, Electricity bills, maintenance bills together with the paid receipts should be verified, since the same clarifies about the arrears, if any, in relation to the subject property.

8) For Purchase of Land

In case of purchase of land, in addition to some of the above mentioned documents, one must also verify (i) 7/12 Extracts: This document indicates the name of the owner, name of the person having other rights such as, lessee/ mortgagee, the area admeasurements and cultivation in the land, and/ or (ii) Mutation Entries: This document records entries regarding devolution of title in relation to the subject property.


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Piramal Finance to Invest Rs 280 crores, in Puranik’s Project in Thane


5th Oct 2017

Piramal Enterprises, through its subsidiary Piramal Finance (PFL), will invest Rs 280 crores in Puranik’s flagship project ‘Puranik City Reserva’, in Thane. “We hope that this will be a long and rich relationship with the Puranik Group, which has a demonstrated track record of execution in the Thane micro market. We look forward to enabling the growth of the Group, with our offerings across both, the wholesale and retail business,” Piramal Finance managing director, Khushru Jijina said.

“PFL, through its entire suite of products, is following a financial partnership model, by extending holistic solutions to developers, right from early stage equity to late stage debt, construction finance, lease rental discounting, as well as bulk buying apartments. Commenting on the deal, Puranik Group’s managing director Shailesh Puranik said, “This transaction will help us to achieve a complete financial closure for the project. We firmly believe that the market today presents attractive opportunities and we look forward to relying on the Piramal platform’s experience and expertise as a lender of choice, as we chart out our own path towards further growth.”

Puranik City Reserva, a theme-based ongoing project at Ghodbunder Road, being developed on 13 acres of land, with 2.2 million sq ft development potential worth Rs 2,000 crores and is expected to be completed over the next 6-7 years. The realty player has so far developed over five million sq ft of real estate and is currently developing around 15 million sq ft in Thane, Pune, Lonavala, Karjat and Mumbai’s suburbs.

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TMC to redraw DP for cluster redevelopment zones


5th Oct 2017

The Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) is likely to start designing micro development plans (DP) soon for each of the eight cluster stretches identified in the city for implementing the redevelopment project to ensure a planned zone with all amenities.

According to the plan, the DP will have to be designed for each of the zones that will see a planned development post implementation of the cluster project that will factor in increased floor space index and allocation of amenities. The existing DP that was finalized in 2003 was not designed keeping in mind the cluster project and accordingly, before implementation of the redevelopment in any of the areas, the planners would require a fresh DP to be redrawn keeping in mind the planned infrastructure in specific areas and adjoining stretches.

The TMC is presently in the final stages of appointing a panel of experts to help them formulate an urban renewal policy that is a mandatory aspect for implementation of the cluster implementation. The micro DP is part of the policy and the team will be entrusted with redrawing it, explained an official.

Currently, the TMC has floated bids for hiring the panel of experts, who could be a mix of town planners and architects, who would take up planning each of the selected cluster zones.

The TMC has proposed eight clusters within the city limits, including those at Rabodi, Mumbra, Kalwa, Kisan Nagar and Lokmany Nagar among others. The cluster plan has been formulated to ensure the menace of illegal structures that occupies a notable volume of land in the city paves way for planned development. It is believed that over 11 lakh sqm area in the city is occupied by illegal constructions, most of which includes government land.

Officials explained the fresh DP would be redrawn as per the urban renewal policy that would mandate the allocation and use of all amenities required. The planning would be easier as the designers will have lots of horizontal space for allocation of amenities and no space would be lost to illegal structures or encroachments as is the present situation.

“The urban renewal policy will be an integral part for implementation of the cluster redevelopment project. We are in the process of selecting and appointing a panel of experts who would help scrutinize the clusters and design a development plan for the same,” said a senior civic official.

The final decks for implementation of the cluster redevelopment plan in Thane was cleared in June 2017 after the Bombay High Court vacated its stay after the Mumbai Corporation submitted the impact assessment.

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